Trainings in foreign languages

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Centre for Languages and Linguistics “Paradigm” offers private, semi-private and group instruction in foreign languages such as English, Russian as a Foreign Language, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish. Other languages are available upon request. We offer courses for students at all levels of study, from beginners to advanced learners. Our classes offer an excellent learning environment and a friendly atmosphere. So whether it’s for work, travel or personal enjoyment the Centre has what it takes to meet your language needs.
We organize activities that relate to linguistics and language, like discussions, films, workshops, language and word games, presentations, etc.


Face-to-face meetings and classes in Chelyabinsk Office Centre, Skype, Facebook, Vkontakte, etc.

Contact person:Vera Budykina, PhD in Linguistics, Associate Professor, Harvard University Visiting Scholar, Fulbright Program grantee
Position:The head of the centre “Paradigm”
Address:Chelyabinsk, Russia