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Latin American business culture
A Brief Introduction to Latin American business cultures

Communication, Collaboration, Power distance, Business etiquette

International trade with South Korea (2023)
International trade with South Korea (part A)

International trade with South Korea, a perspective from the Netherlands.

What can we learn from Japanese business culture?

Japanese business culture: Greetings, Building business relationships, the Ringi method, and the Nem…

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AI application in supply chain management
What are AI applications in Supply Chain Management?

AI in Supply Chain Management: genetic algorithm and artificial neural networks.

Automating Outlook emails, Figure 1
Work Smart – How to automate repetitive emails?

Example of a VBA macro that automates sending repetitive Outlook emails.

Business Canvas model
How to maximize the use of Business Canvas Model? (Part 3)

Business Canvas model: key activities, key partnerships, cost structure + A relevant example

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How to create a seasonal trend forecast?

Creating a seasonal trend forecast.

Forecasting, Figure 1
How to create short-term and long-term forecasting?

Short-term and intermediate/long-term forecasting techniques.

Dry port supply chain
What is a Dry-Port-to-Dry-Port supply chain?

Dry-port-to-dry-port (DP2DP) supply chain's pros and cons.

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Organization of distance learning

The chapter about the organization of distance learning.

TRASEA Ferry passenger seats
Best Passenger Seats for a High-Speed Ferry

Manufacturing passenger seats for high-speed ferries.

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Language Learning Environments, education book, igi-global
Business Russian language

Teaching business Russian language; learning business Russian language.

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