The International Dublin Writers’ Festival 2021

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International Dublin writers festival 2021

Go Direct To The Conference Pulitzer Prizewinners Are Waiting + More NFTs

Yes, it’s true, two Pulitzer Prize winners are ready to give twenty-minute video talks for you when you join our free for you online conference.

The event will run from now to the end of December with occasional extra videos from authors being added.

You can access all the conference videos at this link by signing up using the coupon code:  idwfps1  (nocaps&nospaces) to get free access.

We provide mostly free places to writers around the world.

Please do share the event. 

Here are two NFT ebooks you might like:

  1. The world’s first female fighter pilot becomes Hitler’s worst nightmare. A unique collection of ebook, video and photos only $5.99 here.
  2. A three ebook mind-blowing fantasy series + audio book + video for only $17.99 here.

I hope all is well there!

Laurence O’Bryan