Principles of Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

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Supply Chain Finance conceptual model 2020 by Jan Jansen

Supply Chain Finance conceptual model 2020 (J. H. Jansen)

The website Principles of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) provides anyone, that is interested in supply chain finance, the possibility to inform him or her about this topic.

Supply Chain Finance studies the relationship between parties in the supply chain from especially the value flow (besides of course the physical flows and flows of information).

Traditionally value is formulated as financial value (with metrics like Profit, EBITDA, ROA, ROE, EVA, etc.), but also social/relationship and ecological value play a role.

In the (free) course of 6 lectures and 6 seminars (based on assignments linked to the lectures) anyone that is interested can learn about SCF: 1) Students in their final year of their bachelors or first year of their masters (Logistics, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering & management, etc.) can follow this course (depending of the accreditation of your university, the course might be accredited for 5 ECTS); 2) professionals in the field of Logistics / Supply Chain Management, Marketing & Sales, Business Control, Finance, Procurement, Management, etc.

The idea behind this website is to share knowledge about this topic of SCF. Only by sharing you will develop new knowledge, that is why the information is for free on the website.

The course SCF already started in 2014 in the B. Sc Logistics Management study of HAN University of Applied Sciences.

I am grateful to the all the 12 cohorts of students that provided me with feedback, so I was able to improve this course continuously.

A final thank to the inspiration of this idea of sharing information of SCF by the research groups of Supply Chain Finance of Professor Michiel Steeman (Windesheim UAS) and Logistics & Alliances of Professor Emiritus Stef Weijers & Professor Dennis Moeke (HAN UAS)