How to Use Amazon Golden Keywords

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How to Use Golden Keywords with Amazon ads

Your Guide To Getting More From Amazon Ads

Table of Contents:

1. Who Is This Book For? + Your Free Training. 1

Your Free Training. 2

2. Terms Used in This Book. 3

3. Book Categories on Amazon. 10

What Are the Most Popular Categories and Subcategories?. 10

4. Things to Get Right Before Starting. 17

Write a Great Book. 17

Cover Design. 22

Compelling Title. 26

Subtitle and Description. 31

Reader Reviews. 36

Editorial Reviews. 40

A Good Price. 42

5. How to Use The Amazon A9 Algorithm’s Biases To Boost Sales 45

6. So What Are Amazon Ads?. 51

How To Start An Auto Ad. 54

Benefits of Automatic Ads. 55

How To Start a Manual Ad. 56

Other Ad Types: 65

Using Text in Lockscreen And Other Ads 73

7. What are Keywords, as Used in Amazon Ads?. 75

Product Relevance on Amazon. 79

Keywords in the Product Title or Subtitle. 80

Keywords in Book Descriptions. 83

Keywords in Your KDP Account – The Backend Keywords. 84

8. What are Match Types? Broad, Phrase, Exact. What Do These Terms Mean?. 88

Broad Match Type. 89

Phrase Match Type. 90

Exact Match Type. 91

How To Use Match Types in Your Amazon Ads. 92

Negative Keywords – Two Opposing Views. 97

9. Avoiding Homonyms in Your Title and Subtitle. 101

What are Homonyms?. 101

10. Golden Keywords in Depth. 103

How To Find Your Golden Keywords 105

Search Intent 106

Cost-Per-Click. 107

Sustainability. 109

11. What is the Pareto Rule?. 110

12. More on Highly Likely Golden Keywords. 115

Search Volume of a Keyword. 117

Trends of a Keyword. 118

Keyword Competition. 120

Using Predictive Search on Amazon. 122

Putting Yourself in the Shoes of a Buyer 125

Looking At Similar Books for Words That Stand Out in Descriptions, Subtitles, Reviews, And Categories  127

Using Publisher Rocket 129

Using 131

13. Filtering the Finest Nuggets. 133

Using the Amazon Search Terms Report 134

14. Removing the Fool’s Gold and Other Adjustments. 139

Chasing the Money. 142

Effective Bid Optimization. 147

Target ACOS. 149

Budget Rules. 154

Budget Tab. 155

Targeting Tab. 157

Top of Search Adjustments. 159

Portfolios, End Dates, and Reports. 161

15. Summary and Action Plan. 164

Find Keywords. 168

Launch Ads. 171

Monitor 173

Understanding Ratios. 175

Start New Ads, Repeat the Cycle. 175

How Many Ads Do You Need?. 177

The Mixed GK, LT, and Auto Ads Strategy. 178

Your Free Training. 180

About The Author 181

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