Country study: Austria, Tyrol

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Today we start a series of posts about the Tyrol region in Austria. Tyrol is famous for its nature, cuisine and ski resorts. Every Thursday – a new publication!

The Alps is the highest and longest mountain range among the mountain systems lying entirely in Europe. The Caucasus mountains are higher and the Ural mountains are longer but they are also located on the territory of Asia.

The Alps extend from the Ligurian sea to the Pannonian lowlands on the territory of 8 countries: France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Slovenia.

The Alps are well known for the Alpine meadows impressing by their splendour and brightness of colours. Alpine meadows look magically in spring when the last melting snow is still coming down from the mountains, forming stormy streams and waterfalls and the Alps are already blooming and covered with a fragrant colourful carpet of flowering herbs and flowers. The variety of colours in the colour palette of Alpine meadows at this time is difficult to convey. Plants of Alpine meadows grow even between rocks. Many flowers survive in the harshest conditions and the aroma of various grasses is spread throughout the air.

Alpine meadows delight the eye with their splendour not only in spring time. In summer, a lush, incredibly juicy green carpet covers the meadows, revealing its beauty and brightness to everyone.

Besides its fascinating beauty the Alps have the extraordinary clean and clear air. In the Alpine meadows there is a great opportunity to feel the purity and freshness of unspoilt nature.