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Our company`s activities are focused on the German, Russian and the CIS Markets representing the interests and goals of our customers and partners from Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Through our activities we already have promoted a broad variety of profitable projects for our clients. Would you like to set up a subsidiary of your company or just start a new company in the countries listed above? We feel proud of being able to help you in the matters related to a wide range issues starting from those on bureaucracy up to marketing issues. Our main business fields & services are the following:
- Engineering – please visit us for at
- Organization, preparation of and customization of your company and your products for the above-mentioned markets
- Acquisition of new customers for your business fields
- Management consultancy, company and business management on site
- Distribution of your products through our already existing contacts and promotional networks on site
- Continuous technical support on site
- Acquisition of the full range of any EN, ISO, GOST - certificates (if required) as well as support related to registration documents and any specific transactions
- Contract design in accordance to the terms of the currently valid international INCOTERMS
- Any kinds of technical translations – please see at
- Organization of logistics, customs, transport and installation issues on site
- Planning of construction and production projects
- Planning of business activities and investment accordingly
- Long-term business support between you and your German/Russian/CIS customers
- Cooperation with German / European banks related to existing projects. Financial involvement of the banks.
Alongside and jointly with our partners, we feel proud of being able to offer you a very interesting, highly cost-competitive and lower than market-driven, freely negotiable remuneration. We always follow our deadlines agreed with us. By partnering with us, your company will have the advantage to get everything from the first-hand source.

Furtwängler Str. 10, Hilden, Germany