AI for Facebook Ads

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Artificial intelligence

Yes, Artificial Intelligence has arrived for book advertising. You can watch a super short intro video at this link.

What the AI app does is:
1. Create dozens of images for selection for our Dynamic Facebook ads, where Facebook selects the lowest Cost per Click image for ongoing use.
2. Suggest the likely impact of the images by a score.
3. Allow us to score the images over time for long term ads use.

Creating great looking Facebook ads is a key task for us. We send all our clients the images and text for approval before we start the ads.
For us this app is helpful. If you want to pay for it yourself go here. This link is to the AI app service site and we have no affiliate link with them.
If you want to see our Facebook ads “Done for You!” service, click here.

NFT Ebooks Update
We have been selling NFT ebooks steadily for the past 6 months. The volume is not huge, but enough for us to have a top ten sales chart – see that here.
Our experience shows that authors with a strong follower community or a media presence can sell their ebooks as NFTs.
We will be launching a small number of NFTs this year which fit into this category. We are in NFTs for the long haul.

Finally – A repeat of our 60% Netgalley Discount!
NetGalley is a great place to get reader reviews on Amazon. You can get one or two or three months of NetGalley for one, two or three books at a great discount and use these spaces any time this year at this link. Use Coupon Code ng60 any time in the next 3 days to get that 60% discount.

Laurence O’Bryan
Founder BooksGoSocial & The International Dublin Writers’ Festival