Two ways of advertising

In this article two ways of advertising in The Netherlands will be discussed with the purpose of giving recommendations for improvements in the field of advertising technique. The common ways of advertising are the use of  TV and the Internet.


It has become already commonplace to state that TV has the most important influence on the behaviour of consumers of goods and services. Different types of advertising have been developed to draw the attention to a certain product or service. On the one hand, the audience of TV programs is huge and advertising on TV has enormously high effectiveness. On the other hand, some sorts of commercials are very disturbing, e.g. the little pop-up windows in the right hand corner of the screen, which appear unexpectedly and as a rule at the most interesting moment of the TV program. Also long advertising blocks lasting 10-15 minutes are really annoying, so many people don’t watch them, but either go to the toilet or for a cup of coffee.


Nowadays, another way of advertising becomes extremely popular. The Internet offers diverse advertising forms to advertisers. Many companies specialising in Internet Marketing offer different services, for example they help with the promotion of websites on the Internet pages with high Google PR (Google Page Rank, where  PR0 is the lowest, PR10 is the highest). Of course every company is interested in having a website with a high PR.

The higher the Google PR rank of the publisher’s website where a link is to be placed,  the higher the PR of the advertiser’s website. Therefore the probability of appearance of the advertiser’s website on the first page with the Google search results increases a lot.  Many companies pay for promotion of their sites trying to be exposed on Google on the first 2-3 pages, but it is really a non-stop struggle, because according to statistics millions of new websites emerge every month,  competition rapidly grows and the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet goes down.


To improve the effectiveness of a TV commercial it is recommended turning down the pop-up windows with advertisements and reducing the duration of commercial blocks.

As to advertising on the Internet, try to find a balance between costs and frequency of buying services of Internet marketing companies.

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