Learning or teaching basic Russian language and business Russian

Are you interested in Russian language? This book is recommended for businessmen doing business in Russia, for tourists or students going to Russia and Russian speaking countries. This book contains basic words and phrases, useful examples regarding several topics like Meeting people Introduction, Eating Drinking and basic business terminology. Find on Amazon

You can order paperback or eBook “Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian” by Elena Kaledinova on Amazon marketplaces or on our B2B portal.


Russian language course for students

Russian language course of 5 lectures for students will take place at HAN/ABS in Arnhem from 09.10.2017 onward.

Introduction of this course by Tatiana Kozak:

Students will be able to learn basics of Russian language including grammar (starting as basic as alphabet), every day vocabulary and business language. Even though it is a business orientated course, lectures will also include some information about generic aspects of Russian culture. It will give a better understanding of what Russian people are like and what to expect when coming to the country to do business or just for a visit.   (more…)

A new review on Amazon

A new review of “Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian”, October 3, 2017: I find this book very comprehensive with helpful pictures and basic dialogue examples. The Russian language uses Cyrillic alphabets which is really tough but the author simplified it with helpful common Read more…

Review of “Learn Russian to work with Russians” on goodreads.com

Review of “Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian” on goodreads.com:

Learn Russian to work with Russians” is a must-read for those traveling to Russia either for business or leisure. Learning a new language as an adult is always challenging especially when one is not dealing with the usual 26 English alphabets. But the author Elena Kaledinova who is a native Russian makes it easy to understand and learn with pictures and examples of typical dialogues one will encounter as a traveller. (more…)