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Learn Russian to work with Russians” is a must-read for those traveling to Russia either for business or leisure. Learning a new language as an adult is always challenging especially when one is not dealing with the usual 26 English alphabets. But the author Elena Kaledinova who is a native Russian makes it easy to understand and learn with pictures and examples of typical dialogues one will encounter as a traveller.

This book also has a compilation of basic words most travelers will find immensely useful such as toilet / taulet, how much, excuse me, train etc. – one can’t over-emphasize how important it is to ask for toilet / taulet in a foreign country! There’s also a distinction between formal and informal greetings / introduction which we normally don’t differentiate in English language. To improve quickly, the author encourages writing notes and pronouncing from memory. The author even explained how to decipher the Moscow metro map along with the names of the nine railway stations, as well as a sample on how to fill in a migration card. Kudos to the author for thoughtfully covering everything a newbie needs to conquer Russia comfortably.

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