Interviews with authors

Dear authors, it would be wonderful if we could help each other.
Would you like to participate in a book promotion/ interviews project with the following questions:

– What do you like to read – fiction, non-fiction?
– What is your writing experience?
– Which advantages of being a writer do you see?
– Which disadvantages of being a writer do you see?
– Can you give some recommendations on how to write an interesting/useful book?
– Can you give some recommendations on how to promote a book?

Your answers to these questions and your experiences/thoughts/ideas  will be shared with the readers of blogs and
If you are interested, please send your answers to

After publishing you will be provided with the link to your answers.

Kind regards,
Elena Kaledinova, the author of a non-fiction eBook “Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian

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