Answers to interview questions by Elena Kaledinova

Answers to interview questions by Elena Kaledinova, The Netherlands, November 2017

– What do you like to read – fiction, non-fiction?

Fiction and non-fiction. I like classic Russian and English literature, especially such authors like Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Conan Doyle and Somerset Maugham. I also like to read articles about sustainable development and cosmic discoveries.

– What is your writing experience?

I wrote articles in the field of logistics and nature protection for my blog and one book about learning Russian language.

– Which advantages of being a writer do you see?

Possibility to take time for your own thoughts and ideas; possibility to describe things in your own words in case of a book and to combine personal impressions, observations and experiences with the results of an investigation in case of an article.

– Which disadvantages of being a writer do you see?

High responsibility in case of articles because you need to be very careful and precise when collecting and analysing data. It takes a lot of time and efforts.

– Can you give some recommendations on how to write an interesting/useful book?

For people writing fiction books it can be quite useful to travel a lot. New impressions and meetings with people can provide you with some interesting ideas and intriguing plots for your stories and novels.

– Can you give some recommendations on how to promote a book?

I used Amazon marketing tool which helped to sell several eBooks, but there is a huge completion with the authors writing about Russian language.

Give a presentation or organise a workshop based on your book. Try to contact a big community interested in topics similar to those in your book. Quite recently I was asked by a student community to give presentation about Russia. I included into presentation one slide about my book “Learn Russian to work with Russians”. It might be a good way to promote your book.

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