FWD Logistics BV

Company: FWD Logistics BV
Description: Air freight, ocean freight
Address: Tempelhof 4, 3045 PV Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: 31 10 4227545
E-mail: info@fwdlogistics.nl
Contactperson: Dmitry Lashmanov
Position: Logistics director
Website: http://www.fwdlogistics.nl

 Thanks to the team’s diverse backgrounds, FWD Logistics is able to provide clients with following logistics services:
-pick your cargo up from European locations with possible consolidation in Rotterdam warehouse and further delivery to your Finland warehouse;
-airfreight from USA and Far East to European airports including Moscow;
-direct air deliveries from your Asian and European suppliers to your clients in CIS cities as Alma-Ata, Tashkent etc.;
-fiscal representation in Europe: we clear your cargo and deliver to end user on DDP basis all over Europe and you don’t have to open your daughter company and be busy with VAT payments;
-bonded warehousing services in Rotterdam with distribution in Europe and beyond.
We believe that a diverse supply chain strategy, one that takes into consideration all the different areas of logistics, is what will offer the best return to our clients.
To receive a quote for any of the logistics solutions listed above, please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you become our client.

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