American-Focused English-Russian Dictionary of Education by Vera Budykina


Welcome to the American-Focused English-Russian Dictionary of Education! When entering the education realm it is essential to become familiarized with the vocabulary of the profession and educational process.
The intended users of the dictionary are: Russian prospective students of American institutions, educators, specialists of International departments, translators, etc. We believe that this dictionary will provide an excellent introduction into the field of education as well as a resource upon which an educator, student, and translator can rely throughout her/his endeavours and career, and will further the organization of cooperation between Russian and American universities, etc. The information provided here can answer most questions pertaining to the meaning of words, phrases, testing terminology, differences in the United States and Russian educational systems, and abbreviations important to an educator’s, student’s and translator’s background.
This dictionary is a one-of-a-kind resource in which there are terms that integrate numerous disciplines important to the field of education in one reference guide. There is no other resource of this kind in the education realm. The prospective teacher/learner/practitioner/translator may consult this guide whether studying, teaching, or translating in the fields of psychology; education; educational law; special education, elementary, secondary, or middle school education; philosophy; reading; writing; knowledge assessment; accommodation, finance of education, etc. Contains 1 500 English entries. You can also use it a as a Russian-English dictionary.
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