Austria: Stuiben waterfall

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We continue our series of posts about the Tyrol region in Austria!

The Stuiben (Stuibenfall) waterfall is located in Austria near the town of Umhausen. It is the largest waterfall in Tyrol, its height is 159 m and it consists of two cascades.

Many years ago, a huge avalanche changed the natural course of the Horlachbach River and a waterfall appeared.

The waterfall is located a half an hour walk from the village of Umhausen. The road goes next to a stream, which gradually increases as it approaches the waterfall and turns into a small river.

At first, only the first cascade of the waterfall is visible in the distance. Climbing the path higher, you can already see the upper cascades. There is a fence next to the waterfall so that you can get closer and climb to the very top. A wonderful view of the valley opens from the steps of the stairs.

Only by coming closer to the first cascade of the waterfall you can appreciate its size.

There are several viewing platforms, where you can not only admire the beauty of the surrounding nature, but also feel the full power of the falling water. At the top there is a bridge that leads to the other side of the waterfall. The upper observation platform allows you to see the waterfall from the other side.

After an active walk, you can enjoy the beauty of the mountain water, sitting on a bench and admiring the Stuibenfall waterfall.

Stuibenfall Tyrol Austria