Austria, part 3

Kaiserschmarrn Кайзершмаррн

Austrian dish “Kaiserschmarrn”

The name of this dish consists of two parts Kaiser and Schmarrn. Despite the fact that tradition connects kaiserschmarrn with the Emperor (Kaiser) Franz Joseph, thus explaining the origin of the name of the dish, historians believe that Kaiser comes from the Austrian word Kaser (shepherd) or Casa (in South Tyrol this dish is called Casaschmarrn – homemade shredded dish).

According to legend, kaiserschmarrn was a favorite dish of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, who  is where the name came from. Another legend says that the Emperor was very fond of sweet pancakes. When they came out too thick or were torn in the process of cooking, the court cook served them to the servants in the kaiserschmarrn form (shredded), as they were not suitable for the Emperor’s table (in German – A Schmarrn des am Kaiser zu servieren). According to another version of the legend, the sweet omelet prepared for the Emperor once stuck to the pan and broke; the upset cook wanted to throw it away but the Emperor ordered to serve the dish on the table as it is, and in this form it became his favorite and was called the Imperial.

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Austria, part 2

The ski resort of Sölden

Despite the fact that only 1 square kilometre of the area is built up and inhabited in the total, Sölden (a total area of 466.97 km2) – along with glaciers and other mountain ranges, forests and alpine meadows – occupies the largest area in Austria.

The uniqueness of the city is not only in the size of the territory, among other things, the community of lower part of the Ötztal valley is considered as the official European training base of the American ski team. Traditionally. The World Ski Championships at the end of October opens the ski season on the Rettenbachferner Glacier.

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Country study: Austria, part 1


Today we start a continuing series of posts about the Tyrol region in Austria. Tyrol is famous for its nature, cuisine and ski resorts. Every Thursday – a new publication!

Alps – the highest and longest mountain range among the mountain systems lying entirely in Europe. The Caucasus mountains are higher and the Ural mountains are longer but they are also located on the territory of Asia.

Alps is a system of ridges and massifs extending from the Ligurian sea to the Pannonian lowlands on the territory of 8 countries: France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Slovenia.

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