Business Russian language course

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eBook/paperback "Learn Russian to work with Russians: The easy way to speak Russian" by Elena Kaledinova

“Business Russian language” course

Businessmen going to do business in Russia or students of International business management studies can use this course to learn Russian in a quick and easy way from basic to pre-intermediate level. It starts from learning the Cyrillic alphabet, then continues to every day vocabulary, basic phrases (greeting and leaving, thanking people, etc.) and finally to business terminology and dialogs. Even though it is the Russian language course, study material also includes some aspects of culture like e.g. typical eating habits. It gives a better understanding of what Russian people are like and what to expect when coming to the country to do business or just for a visit. 

In spite of the fact that the teaching method does not include much Russian language grammar, you will get familiar with different topics and become able to express yourself in Russian. The methods of experiential learning and learning flexibility (listening, writing, reading and speaking) lead to a faster way of gaining knowledge of Russian. The teaching strategy is based on active learning of words and phrases and doing exercises so that it is to a large extent self-study oriented. The workbook “Learn Russian to work with Russian: The Easy Way To Speak Russian” ISBN 978-9082751604 can be used both for doing exercises and making notes.

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