Russian language in the Netherlands

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The purpose of the article “Russian language in the Netherlands” is to consider aspects of studying the Russian language in The Netherlands. Obviously, the Russian language occupies a prominent place but it is not among the most popular foreign languages in the Netherlands, so it is important to understand how the Russian language is taught and how to increase interest in it. The content of the article is based on data from literary sources, online information and on personal observations of the author of the article. The article includes a brief overview of existing study programmes for learning the Russian language, as well as aspects of promoting the Russian language in The Netherlands.

Keywords: learning Russian, teaching Russian as a foreign language, Russian abroad, Russian in The Netherlands

The article “Russian language in the Netherlands” by Elena Kaledinova has been published during the congress “Russia in International Dialogue” at Chelyabinsk State University on September 20th 2019. The full-text in Russian is available on

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Калединова, Е. А. (2019). Русский язык в Нидерландах. Сборник материалов II международного конгресса «Россия в международном диалоге». Челябинск: Энциклопедия. ISSN/ISBN 978-5-91274-332-0


The author of the article is also the author of the Russian language curriculum for students and the English-Russian textbook “Learn Russian to work with Russians: The easy way to speak Russian” for gaining basic knowledge of the Russian language and business Russian; and also has experience in teaching Russian to students of international business study programs.

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Kaledinova, E. (2017). Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian, ISBN 978-90-827516-0-4. Independently published.

Paperback and eBook “Learn Russian to work with Russians: The easy way to speak Russian” are available on Amazon marketplaces.



Целью статьи “Русский язык в Нидерландах” является рассмотрение аспектов изучения русского языка в Нидерландах. Очевидно, что русский язык занимает заметное место, но не входит в число самых популярных иностранных языков в Нидерландах, поэтому важно понять, как преподается русский язык и как можно повысить интерес к нему. Содержание статьи базируется на данных из литературных источников, online информации и на личных наблюдениях автора статьи. Статья включает краткий обзор существующих учебных программ по русскому языку, а также аспекты продвижения русского языка в Нидерландах.

Ключевые слова: изучение русского языка, преподавание русского как иностранного, русский язык за рубежом, русский язык в Нидерландах

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