Supply Chain Finance in SMEs

The article “Supply Chain Finance in SMEs: A comparative study in the automotive sector in Germany and The Netherlands” has been published in Logistiek+ (2018, NR 5). Read the article:


INTRODUCTION TO BLOCKCHAIN workshop by Jan Jansen will take place at basecamp of ABS on the 20th of February, 16:00-17:00. This workshop will help you understand and learn why the Blockchain technology is a smarter way to track financial transactions & contracts – faster, safer & more efficient than any Read more…

First steps in Russian

Paperback and eBook “Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian” by Elena Kaledinova

Jan Jansen wrote on the following review:
Very practical introduction into Russian language and Russian (Business) Culture.
After studying this booklet, you are able to survive in the Russian subways / metro, order a dinner, do not get lost in the city, greet people in a polite way. And understand that PECTOPAH means Restaurant!
Also the link to the website is very useful for exercising the beautiful Russian language! (more…)